Please register for camping at the main gatehouse as you enter the park. 


France Park has over 200 camping spaces which are available on a first-come, first-served basis (no reservations) for tent or trailer camping, including 130 modern sites with electricity and water at the site.   Sewer hookups are not available on site, but we do maintain a waste station for trailers. Picnic tables and fire rings are available at many of the sites.  The main campground has modern bathrooms and shower facilities.  The beach bathhouse has no showers.  Due to the advancing invasion of the destructive emerald ash borer, we strongly urge campers to not bring firewood into the park.  Firewood is available for $12.00 per cubic foot bundle.

See below for activities planned by the France Park Camping Club.

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Park's accessible features

Handicap accessible restrooms are located at the beach bathhouse, the campground and the boat ramp at trailhead # 3; Swimming beach is also accessible
Recreational facilities include a fishing dock, two modern campsites adjacent to restrooms, a paved trail and overlook
Parking available throughout the park

Raccoon advisory

They're easy to recognize, but to enjoy your stay at the park, common sense goes a long way.  A little advice:

Keep a reasonable safe distance. A raccoon can carry distemper, mange, and parasites such as fleas, ticks and lice.
A female raccoon with babies may become aggressive if she senses that her young are in danger.
Raccoons are wild animals, not cuddly pets.
Do not feed the raccoons.  Hand feeding is dangerous and encourages them to lose their fear of humans.  They will also search through trash and even get into food containers. Keeping trash and food containers secure will discourage them.
Please notify park authorities if a raccoon will not leave your picnic or camping area.

Facilities located on premise

Summertime visitors will be able to take advantage of the camp store, miniature golf, playgrounds, disc golf course, pavilions, recreation building and guarded swimming at the beach.

Facilities located within a short drive (Logansport)

Laundry, hospital, churches, shopping, and other recreational facilities such as bowling, golf, movies, Family YMCA and restaurants are available throughout Logansport.  Park rangers and gatehouse attendants will be more than happy to give you directions.

Questions? Comments? 

Call France Park at (574) 753-2928 or email your question to    

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